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Tips and tricks to pack your suitcase correctly

In the summer we all dream about vacation and recreation. Yet there comes the long-awaited moment to choose place of travel, the company and find the necessary documents. But bad luck you perhaps have to do the most important thing to collect the suitcase and put things there correctly. Despite the fact that this process brings a lot of positive emotions and pleasure, but the problem is still there. How is it possible to collect a travel bag and hold all necessary things, as well as how to make clothes do not wrinkle during the transportation?

The main and most rational hint while packing things for the vacation: try not to take anything that you might need. This principle is especially hard to understand for the girls. They think that all the clothes from the closet and lots of trinkets will certainly come in handy on vacation.

In order not to mess with the extra weight and looking in hassle for something you need under a pile of clothes and accessories, try to accurately calculate everything you need. For example, do not take more clothes than vacation days. Or not to pack in a bag that is already crowded with evening shoes on high heels your favorite business suit.

Also be sure to decide the most necessary and essential things for vacation. This include a first aid medicine, toothbrush, swimsuit, sunscreen cosmetics, insect repellent, sunglasses, cell phone, camera and charging for them, passport and documents. This list may be supplemented, depending on your personal needs and opportunities.

To pack properly is an easy task!

The culmination of the package is the moment when you have everything expanded in your suitcase. How to make it right? Remember that on the bottom of the luggage should be placed the heaviest things. This can be a box with sprays

and creams, books, small laptop (packed before it in a case or a towel), as well as large shoes. Then you can begin with the clothes.

It is very important to fill the suitcase tight, because the space will threaten the security and integrity of things. Moreover your outfits have will be space to wrinkle. If space is available and the clothes are already over (very rare variant) fill it with underwear and accessories. Put them in a separate bag, so they do not mix with the main luggage.

Terms of packing things
  1. 1. T-shirts are best to fold in half or straw. If the suitcase is out of space, these things are perfect to fill it.
  2. 2. Socks should be turned into rolls. To save space in your suitcase, fold socks in shoes. Thus your shoes, boots or sandals will not get deformed.
  3. 3. Leather accessories can not be twisted into a tube, as they will crack, but still take place. They can be expanded along the perimeter of the bag.
  4. 4. Toothpaste, lotions, sprays and shampoos are necessarily be hidden in a separate package. The same goes for pens and bottles of alcohol.
  5. 5. A toothbrush, money, mobile phone, a small makeup bag, tissues are not recommended to put in the main luggage. They are essential things and you need to put them in a small bag to find them easily.

Veronica Vaughn, Travel agency manager gives the good advice about packing up, especially helps to collect correctly Merrell shoes, laptops, leather accessories and essentials.

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