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Thailand – You won’t stop smiling

The way in which Thailand has so many distinctly different sides is what makes the country a unique destination for exploration. The pickings are however richest of all for those making their way to Thailand by way of a luxury yacht, as with so many islands to explore away from the quite spectacular mainland itself, Thailand was in many ways built for the luxury yacht charter set.
There are so many entry points to Thailand but none come more highly recommended that the capital, Bangkok. The reason being that unless you’ve travelled to this city specifically before, nothing can prepare you for the sensory assault that lies ahead…nothing. Your first day in Bangkok feels almost like your first day outside the confines of the comfort zone you didn’t realize you were Thailand – You won’t stop smiling living in. The sights, sounds, smells and taste will take you for a ride like you’ve never been on before, while the iconic historic and cultural gems of the city stir the soul and leave a lasting impression.

Head to the capital

Bangkok will leave you suitably ready for a relaxing trip to the world-famous Thai islands to the south, which in many ways could not be further removed from the bustling streets of the mainland. This is where everything you’ve ever dreamed about in terms of island paradise come to like right before your eyes and then somewhat exceed even your wildest expectations. Depending on which side of the region has the rain at the time you visit, you’ll need to plan your visits accordingly.
Head to the Western island of KoSamui or KoLanta for a taste of all that’s hedonistic and luxurious about this wonderful part of the world. Here’s where you’ll find the all-night parties you’ve read so much about and the luxurious resorts where your every whim is catered to and your most elaborate fantasies are played out before your eyes. By contrast, the islands to the East like Ko Chang for example are considerably less developed and more rugged. Here’s where to head for a truly life-changing elephant safari, or to visit fairy-tale villages of huts on stilts that jut far out into the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. There’s luxury to be found, but it’s more an area of rustic beach huts and restaurant owners catching the day’s special by hand right before your eyes.
Thailand has a well-deserved worldwide reputation for exceeding expectations in every way, but it’s only the privileged yachting community that can truly appreciate all aspects of what’s on offer.

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