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The Whose Got Next Sports Showcase TV Show gets Second Season Contract

The Whose Got Next Sports Showcase presented by Get Recruited 365, Wing Stop and Victory Sports Academy has been renewed for a second season by the CW Network.

Whose Got Next Sports Showcase features the latest recruiting news of athletes across the south. The show also features segments like The Road to Signing Day which details the story of how athletes made it to signing day.

Whose Got Next Sports Showcase TV Show

Whose Got Next is hosted by Get Recruited 365‘s Marcus Beckwith and Jessica Byrd. The host offer in-depth news and information about college recruiting. “We produce segments that help peel the curtains back so to speak on what it means and takes to be recruited. We focus on displaying positive content on the young men and women in the country who are getting the job done in the classroom, community, and in their respective sports.” Said Beckwith

“To be honest we were shocked at the level of impact and response we received from fans of the show. We watched our audience grow almost every week which brought more attention and notoriety for the student athletes.” Said Byrd

“It’s a blessing to be honest! I am and will always be grateful to God for any and all forms of success for the athletes and also for the brand.” To see the kids grow and become successful and get scholarship offers is huge. We are excited, grateful, and humbled at the same time. Beckwith added.

“To look at the ratings and see thousands of viewers tune in week to week is very exciting and promising. We have been approached by more advertisers and more athletes looking to be featured. We are very excited to be renewed for a second season. We will continue to bring more in-depth news and documentary segments. Said Byrd

The Whose Got Next Sports Showcase will return to the CW Network tentatively in August of 2015. For more information on the show or Get Recruited 365 call 318 300-3659 or visit www.getrecruited365.com

Marcus Beckwith filming at the Show Boat Classic

Marcus Beckwith filming at the Show Boat Classic

Jessica Byrd filming at Victory Sports Academy

Jessica Byrd filming at Victory Sports Academy

Get Recruited 365 Delivers Results for Athletes Looking to Get Recruited

Get Recruited 365 in less than a year has helped some of Louisiana’s best football talent reach the colleges of their dreams. Get Recruited 365 led by Marcus Beckwith and Jessica Byrd have helped athletes across Louisiana and Texas attain scholarship offers from the countries premiere schools: LSU, Auburn, Mississippi State, USC, Florida State, and Michigan.

“It started with the desire to help athletes get the opportunity to get added exposure to help themselves in their recruitment. We realized that a number of athletes in our area had division one talent but need assistance rising out of the fray, so we designed a marketing strategy that would help athletes market themselves to colleges directly,” said Marcus Beckwith. “We have multiple marketing tools that gives college coaches much need information on student athletes, we help coaches know about the student athlete who they are as a student and a person not just an athlete.” Highlight tapes are good at helping coaches evaluate talent but we help coaches evaluate character and personality fit, things like work ethic, attitude, life and education goals, family upbringing and much more. Beckwith added.

Get Recruited 365 markets athletes to colleges via direct marketing as well as video vlogs which helps college coaches hear directly from the athletes that they would like to recruit. “College coaches have the opportunity to hear directly from the student athlete. We discuss issues like why do you deserve a scholarship? What will you bring to a college program, college majors, will you commit early, are you willing to change positions and much more it gives the college coaches the opportunity to hear directly from the students with out using a visit or a phone call from the coaches we have had the opportunity to speak with they love it!, said Jessica Byrd.

“We are all about academics and character we have implemented ACT Test prep to help athletes qualify academically. As well as the We Will Mentor program which gives the high school athletes the opportunity to mentor and mold the next generation of students and athletes, said Beckwith. “We are just here to help in any way that we can, we want every athlete across the country to have the best opportunity to receive a college scholarship, ”said Byrd

“This is really just the beginning for us and God has blessed our efforts we give all the credit to him, I say it all the time we don’t create miracles but we believe in them. This is about helping the athletes and their families increase the likelihood that they will receive college scholarships.” Beckwith added

Pics added below

Marcus Beckwith

Marcus Beckwith and Jessica Byrd with LA Tech Coach Tim Rattay

LSU Signees

LSU Signees Brandon Martin and Cameron Lewis

Louisiana Tech Signee Courtney Wallace Jr

Louisiana Tech Signee Courtney Wallace Jr

Underarmour All American Brandon Martin

Underarmour All American Brandon Martin

Class of 2016 Top Prospect Isaiah Graham

Class of 2016 Top Prospect Isaiah Graham

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