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Splitting Travel Videos with the Movavi Video Editor Review

If you enjoy your travel videos but find that you’re often saving a lot of them on your hard drive when you’re really only interested in certain parts – why not delete the unnecessary segments and only keep the good stuff? Or maybe you could even go one step further and combine the good stuff from multiple travel videos into a single ‘highlight’ reel? Although it may sound like a lot of work if you’ve never edited or split videos in the past, it really isn’t that bad with the right software.

To get started splitting your travel videos you should use the Movavi Video Editor. The main reason for this is because it offers up an easy and intuitive way of getting the job done:

1. Add the video that you want to split by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting it. By default it will appear in the ‘Timeline’.
2. Move the red marker in the ‘Timeline’ to the point where you’d like to split your video.
3. Click the ‘Scissors’ icon to split the video at the red marker.
4. Get rid of the unwanted segment of video by clicking on it and clicking ‘Delete’.
5. Save your video when you’re satisfied.

See how straightforward it is? If you’d like to you could split your video into multiple segments and keep the ones you like while deleting the ones you don’t. Similarly you could add other videos and do the same until you’re left with only the parts of all those videos that interest you.

While you’re at it you may even want to use the other features in the Movavi Video Editor to enhance the video quality, add special effects to make it look good, and maybe even insert background music to jazz things up a bit. There are so many options that will be at your disposal, but you can rest assured that each of the features is as easy to use as it was to use it as a video cutter.

Creating a ‘highlight’ video out of all your travel videos is going to especially useful if you want to take a version of them that only contains relevant information with you while you travel. If so you could also optimize your video for the tablet or smartphone you’re going to be using your video on since there are presets available to help you do just that.


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