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Top things for the vacation

Top things that you need to take for the vacation

The long-awaited summer is almost here and everyone cannot wait for the moment when it is time to go for a vacation by the sea in order to have a rest and visit a new place. And as always stands the eternal question what to take with you?

We have decided to facilitate your task and together with our loyal readers have compiled a list of things for vacation for the whole family.

  • The documents. The most important thing while the vacation! Make sure that they are safe and to secure yourself make copies of all of them and keep them in the vault of your room in the hotel, they may be in handy when you will loose the originals. But in most cases you do not even need them, but safety rules first.
  • Money. It is best to take non-cash funds. Now in many countries are accepted banking card payments: in hotels, restaurants, shops and even in taxis. But not everywhere. So learn better about the country where you are going, so you can there be free to pay by your credit card. But in any case you need to have cash with you too. Make sure that you have plenty of small bills. Therefore the principal amount of the money that you take with you can be in large denominations and $100-200 in small.
  • Means of communication. Record all necessary phone numbers and emails. You may need phones of the embassy, bank, close friends and relatives. Of course you can save all these numbers in your phone. But sometimes the phone is lost, disconnected or can be stolen, so that the reliable thing is to record the most important numbers on paper. Do not forget before the trip to make more money on your mobile phone balance.
  • Bags, suitcases, backpacks. Buying a suitcase or bag prefer strong but lightweight models. Remember that during the trip you have to carry everything by yourself, so you do not need the extra weight.
    Check with your airline what baggage may be carried at no extra charge. Bring a small bag and hand luggage, so you can take it with you into the cabin. Almost all airlines allow to carry in luggage of 5 pounds, but weight of it is not strictly checked, as long as hand luggage should not look too bulky. For hand luggage it is convenient to take a small backpack, then your hands are free.
    But be also sure to understand what can and cannot be carried in hand luggage.
  • Be sure not to take the whole wardrobe with you. You need to calculate the amount of needed underwear, shoes and remember that all the clothes should match each other to perform the perfect outfit. Be sure to check the weather forecasts, to know which clothes to take with you. But anyway you can get something you need in the stores, if only you are not going to the desert island.

Jack Oliver, trip planner and tourism expert gives the recommendations about the process of packing and before the vacation insists to look over your wardrobe and check Northern Reflections Shop online women’s clothing store to find something stylish and new.

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