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Top SPA Procedures

Top SPA procedures

Hiking into the beauty salon is a special treat that you need to allow yourself at least once a month.

In summer it is especially important, because in this time of year you can wear short mini dresses and skirts made of vapory materials.

SPA treatments for face and body will help you to always look attractive! In addition, the effect achieved by professional spa treatments is easy to maintain at home: the main thing is a good start.

So you need to think about the care of your skin on the vacation too, especially if you live in the hotel, where all the procedures are available.

In this post we are going to talk about 4 most popular summer SPA procedures.

Enzymatic face peeling

Cosmetologists do not recommend to perform peelings in the summer due to solar activity. However enzymatic peeling is a pleasant exception.

This SPA treatment is recommended for all skin types and is not contraindicated to the brunettes, in contrast to the same chemical or laser peelings. Due to the action of enzymes the skin easily and gently eliminates dead skin cells, the skin is leveled, small scars and traces of acne disappear. Furthermore the procedure of enzymatic peeling prepares the skin to tan, allowing the bronzing to stay longer.

Fake Bake African tan

The vacation is not going to be soon or you just have returned from sunny Riviera and want to support the bronze skin tone? Then go to the procedure of Fake Bake African tan.

This is not a fake tanning, in addition a special natural composition is not harmful, as opposed to the solarium.

The specialist will first perform the procedure of peeling for the whole body and face and then lay on a special emulsion to produce melanin of the skin, then perform a light massage with oil and after all will send you a couple of minutes in the solarium in order to fix the result and activate the color. By the way the skin tone turns incredibly deep and natural. This spa treatment is a real godsend for blondes and a redhead, whose sensitive skin cannot tolerate the sun. The effect will last for up to 15 days.

Anti-cellulite massage

In the summer sooner or later you have to expose your body for the limelight? If not then it’s time to sign up for a session of cellulite massage. It can be different. The most effective is the manual one. It will hurt a little and perhaps a few days after you will have bluish spots on the body, but it is worthy. The body after 2-3 SPA treatments gains desired proportions, and the skin becomes more smooth. You can fix the professional results at home using a special massager and anti-cellulite cream. Minimum course of the procedures is 5 treatments.

Hydrating SPA procedure for your face

Hydration is the most important point of facial skin care during the summer. Dehydrated skin is more prone to premature aging, it less keeps the tan and there are more visible signs of fatigue.

Almost all beauty salons offer a variety of masks based on moisturizing ingredients such as extracts of exotic plants, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. Using highly professional cosmetics combined with a light relaxing massage wonders can really happen. Your skin will shine with health and youth.

Norma Dunn, independent blogger and beauty expert is making the review of summer SPA procedures, explains how hydrating is important during the hot season and recommends to use Redken all soft Shampoo to keep your hair healthy.

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