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Useful tips to pack your suitcase

Vacation is in full swing and collection the suitcase becomes a major headache. Because most of us do the packing four hours before the departure, dumping a bunch of the best clothes at once.

Today we will give a good advice on how to collect the bag and what to bring, starting from the principles of healthy asceticism and rationality, so that you have the room for new things that you just want to buy when going a hundred miles away from home.

  1. 1. Carefully plan what do you want to bring with you. It is better even to make the list and then delete all unnecessary things. Why do you need a ton of dresses and shoes when you can find the new ones during the vacation? Bring those things, that you will put on without hesitation. Everything else you can buy on the place of vacation. You can go even further. Someone is practicing detox or diet, make a same with clothes. Take the necessary minimum of comfortable and functional things and not get be hung up that you have nothing to wear. Enjoy the adventure and avoid the stores.
  2. 2. Before you add up everything in a suitcase, put all things together and look how they are detached. Clothing for the trip should ideally be adjusted to any T-shirt combined with jeans and a skirt, and with slippers too.
  3. 3. If things are stacked in a suitcase by the layers, they will take a lot more space. The best thing is to twist tightly every piece of wardrobe together into a roll, then they will fit easily even into the hand baggage or the suitcase will have enough space to bring home local wine, gifts and new clothes too. In addition twisted clothes are getting less wrinkled.
  4. 4. Except suitcase take a roomy backpack, small bag on a chain and a cloth bag for going to the beach. Suddenly your plans have changed and you want to go out of town for a couple of days at sea or vice versa. Then you will be able to leave a suitcase in a hotel and take with you only what you need, so that nothing distracts from the adventure. In addition, in a backpack it is better to put laptop or iPad, which is convenient to get on the plane and in the bag on the chain (which will be useful on vacation in the evening) put the documents.
  5. 5. Do not stack up shoes by pairs. Each shoe is necessary to put in the bag and stuff in different places. And remember: there is no such a trip in which you would need more than three pairs of shoes. In addition the shoes can be an excellent case for watches, glasses and even a tie.
  6. 6. Carefully tamp all the things. Tightly packed items will not move during transport and better will take a trip.
  7. 7. Underwear. The main principle: the longer the journey is, the more to take to avoid washing. By the way do not forget to bring a swimsuit even if you’re not going to the sea, swimsuit can be useful to visit the saunas, swimming pools and SPA.

Phil Ford, travel agent gives the tips how to pack the suitcase carefully and decide if you need three pairs of shoes or it will be better to get men’s shoes online or in the store as a souvenir from the new place.

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