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James Calderwood

James Calderwood – The Opal Dragon

New from James Calderwood ‘The Opal Dragon’. Story starts in the Philippines on Mindanao. Ali is always in trouble looking for some way to make money he commits a robbery and stabs an old jeweller and steals his bag full of money and gold. The police are chasing him. Ali’s mother Zeena, who is one of the local prostitutes sends him to her sister in the mountains Ali kills a young terrorist who has murdered his Aunt. The pair travel to Manilla to start a new life Zeena’s past catches up with her. Ali murders the man. They find he has a fortune in diamonds and gold in his person. He gets caught up in the drug trade The head of the drug family in Manilla sends some men to get Ali to give him a swim with chains on his legs.
Ali escapes……………………. The pair end up in Australia where Ali (The Dragon) finds a better way to make money which is almost legal. He sees his first Black opal and falls in love with the beautiful gem The Dragon starts to trade in opal. They move to Coober Pedy South Australia where there is a lot of money in opal being dug out of the ground. The Dragon does not care how he gets the opal.
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The Opal Dragon

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