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Hotel Cleaning

How to keep the hotel clean

Hotels play a very important role in people’s lives, because they will become a second home at the time of departure, even if this time will be only a few hours.

That is why hotel owners are making great efforts to ensure that the guest will feel comfortable and the eye does not cling to the speck on the floor or a small spot on the tablecloth.

Hotel business has a lot of nuances, which you need to constantly monitor, including cleaning. Cleanliness in the lobby, rooms and restaurant at the hotel are the first steps on the road to success. How can we maintain the cleanliness of the hotel so that it does not take much time and money?

That is why the most important people are the staff, who is serving the hotel and maintaining the needs and duties in the right time.

Housekeeping is a term enshrined in the professional hotel industry that refers to the creation and maintenance of order and comfort. Housekeeping service is perhaps the most important in the hotel and certainly the largest one. After all it brings together the maids, gardeners, porters, lifters, facilities staff too. Cleaning the rooms and public areas, washing towels and sheets, supply and replacement of perfumes and cosmetics accessories – all this and much more other duties are in the hands of housekeeping service. This service is literally striving to make the hotel a home for every guest and the mood of the guests directly depends on the professionalism of the hotels’ employees.

Appearance of staff and hygiene

Rate of hotel’s class is not only the absence of dust and brilliant plumbing, but also a neat appearance of maids, cleaners and pool cleaners. Appearance of the hotel staff is prescribed in the rules and each hotel has their own ones. But there are general guidelines that are somehow installed in every institution of the hotel industry.

  • The staff should be dressed in a uniform that is sewn to each by order. Usually there are issued 2-3 sets to change.
  • Men should wear dark shoes and dark socks.
  • Women should wear flesh-colored pantyhose without patterns.
  • It is better to exclude jewelry, there are permitted only wedding ring, watch and simple earrings.
  • Requirements for make-up: natural, discreet, avoid bright colors.
  • Men need to wear short haircuts, women’s hair should be pulled back or they are allowed to wear short haircuts too.
  • For safety reasons it is recommended to wear flat-sole shoes.

No less important are the requirements for personal hygiene of all officers of the housekeeping. Special requirements are applied to those who are engaged in the laundry, linen-room and condominium services.

  • The showering is mandatory for all the workers before entering the shift.
  • Every worker needs to wash their hands with soap after housekeeping work, room service and sanitation facilities.
  • For all men it is necessary to shave.
  • As for the manicure only short fingernails are permitted and bright varnish is not allowed.

Kayla Frazier, Housekeeping services manager gives us the information about the housekeeping process in modern hotels, such as requirements to the staff, hotel carpet cleaners and other steps of success, also she describes how important all these factors are for the comfort of their guests.

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